Nuxeo Services

We have 7+ years of experience on highly customized Nuxeo project

Our experts can guide you through each steps of your project. We have experience dealing from business requirements to draft an overall architecure and then operate a plan to implement your solution

New project

Usual engagement follow these steps:

  1. Kick-off / Draft Design
  2. Architecture document
  3. Implementation following agile methodologies
  4. Release to PROD
  5. Hypercare - Maintenance

Performance troubleshooting

Nuxeo is a complex stack and contains different component that requires each custom tuning to scale. As Nuxeo allows you to store custom data, and make custom queries many customers struggles with the default configuration that doesn’t fit their needs leading to slow user experience or even recurring crash in production.

We can provide you deep dive analysis using our benchmark tool to help you tune your solution to the expected production loads. We have helped customers increase perfomance by 10 times while reducing storage too.