Softshell Services is a team of Nuxeo experts with several years of experience in successful DAM project implementation. Its founder has worked as a core Nuxeo consultant to lead Nuxeo’s biggest customer project to success.

Only a handful of consultants are currently proficient in Nuxeo and web-based DAM software: Softshell Services gives you access to them.

Unlike other general consulting companies, Softshell Services primarily focuses on providing expertise in its core MAM and DAM domain. Softshell services team has worked with key players in the entertainment industry. We have helped customers to design and build apps in the cloud that manage tens of millions of documents at scale so applications can ingest TB of data smoothly at the “speed of light”. The team uses its AWS certifications (Developer & Architect) and in-depth knowledge of Nuxeo, NoSql, big data, Cloud, and JavaScript to build solutions with recurring costs cheaper than competitor’s solutions, while not sacrificing stability one bit and designing a very fast and efficient UI.